Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. General

These General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter the “GTC”) regulate the rights and obligations of the parties arising from the purchase contract concluded between the buyer and seller. The subject of the purchase contract is the purchase and sale of online services and packages hereinafter Hypelogy services of Instaboost s.r.o. on the website hypelogy.com

This is the latest version of the Hypelogy Terms and Conditions from January 1, 2019. If you do not agree with any of our Terms and Conditions, please do not accept these terms and conditions.


Instaboost s.r.o.

Stádlecká 897
Klánovice, 190 14
Praha 9 Česká Republika

ID:  08914613

Bank account CZ: Raiffeisenbank, a.s. , IBAN: CZ5855000000002135715002

Telephone number: +421 948 909 876, e-mail: info@hypelogy.com

The Buyer is any person who, through the Seller’s sales pages, has fulfilled the conditions set forth in the other clauses of these GTC.

2. Specification of provided services

Hypelogy will only be used for promotional purposes of the Client’s Instagram account.

The Client undertakes to provide full-service provider access to the Instagram account (login + password).

The Client undertakes not to use activities like “like”, follow-unfollow during the promotion.

In addition, the Customer agrees to follow the instructions of the Hypelogy Service Provider during the contract period. Hypelogy uses the Client’s Instagram account to target specific Instagram targets. This is a very legitimate version of the marketing method that increases the number of followers on the client’s account. The Provider does not commit in any way to a specific number of new followers, comments and “likes” in the Customer’s account. The number of new followers depends on the quality and interest of the selected Instagram network segment by the customer. Hypelogy on the target Instagram network segment responds to the posts through the “hash-tags” of the segment, the provider cannot guarantee responses to content with appropriate material (Example: Posts with nudity elements with “hash-tags” #fitness #nutrition). If the Instagram account is not older than 40 days, the client is obliged to inform the provider. The service provider is entitled, especially due to unexpected situations, to change the agreed conditions – however, he shall immediately inform the customer about the change. If the customer does not agree with the changes, he must inform the provider within 5 days or withdraw from the contract. Otherwise, it accepts the terms.

3. Payment Terms

The Customer agrees that by paying the Hypelogy service, he understands and accepts all terms and conditions of the provided services. In the event of fraudulent conduct by the Customer, the Service Provider reserves the right to interrupt the Service without any claim for reimbursement of the amount paid in any amount.

The Customer pays the ordered service through Trustpay’s payment gateway or by bank transfer to the Provider to the bank account number SK7711000000002945071990 when completing the payment order, the Customer is obliged to enter a variable symbol that corresponds to the order number.

The Buyer undertakes to pay the purchase price specified in the Seller’s online store for the acquired Hypelogy Service at the time of ordering the Hypelogy Service. The buyer will receive Hypelogy for the price at the time of ordering. Digination Group Ltd. is not a VAT payer. The seller reserves the right of printing errors. The purchase price will be deemed paid only after crediting the entire purchase price for a separate part of the delivery to the seller’s account.

The invoice issued on the basis of the purchase contract between the seller and the buyer is simultaneously a tax document and is sent to the buyer electronically. At the request of the buyer, the invoice can also be sent by post.

Acceptance of the service by the buyer is possible only after its full payment, unless agreed otherwise.

4. Complaints and refunds

The Client has the right to make a request to interrupt the Instaboost service. Furthermore, the Customer is obliged to notify such a request by sending an electronic message to the Provider’s mailbox info@hypelogy.com. The Hypelogy Service Provider reserves the right of 48h to register the application and follow-up (compliance, rejection). If the request is approved, the Hypelogy service will be turned off the following calendar day from the day the customer informs the customer by email. If approved, the customer will be refunded the amount corresponding to the deduction of the promotion setup fee of € 49.

5. Withdrawal

The buyer is legally entitled to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of entering into the contract. Withdrawal from the contract is any buyer’s statement of dissatisfaction with the Hypelogy service or the Hypelogy service package delivered to the Seller, either via email communication or in writing.

By law the buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract according to the following form:

Annex no. 3 to Act no. 102/2014 Coll.


(fill in and send this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

– To ………… ..:

– I hereby notify * that I withdraw / withdraw * from the contract for these goods / contract for the provision of this service *: ………… ..

– Order date / date of receipt * …… …… ..

– Name and surname of the consumer (s) * ………… ..

– Address of the consumer (s) * ………… ..

– Signature of the consumer (s) * (only if this form is submitted in paper form) ……… … ..

– Date ………… ..

* Delete where not applicable.

6. Seller’s Copyright

The Customer undertakes not to distribute the texts, photos used on the Hypelogy Provider’s website without the written consent of the Hypelogy Representative.

Hypelogy and its packages, which are subject to sale on this site, are the Seller’s exclusive intellectual property within the meaning of Act No. 185/2015 Coll. Copyright Act. The Buyer is entitled to use the provided Hypelogy service and solely for its own purposes. It is not authorized to distribute or transmit InstaBoost to third parties in any way.

7. Use and Warranty

The Client undertakes to use the Hypelogy Site only in a manner that respects the terms of the Instagram Site Services. Instaboost makes no warranties of any kind for the Services provided to the Customer. Because Hypelogy uses an Internet connection to provide the service, the availability of the website is not always guaranteed.

During the validity of the Hypelogy services, it is prohibited by the customer to perform activities such as liking, following and unfollowing users.

8. Changes in business conditions

These conditions may change at any time. The change notification will be considered valid on the day it is posted on the Hypelogy provider site. Hypelogy does not commit to any further announcement of a change to the website of the service provider or Hypelogy software.

9. Privacy Policy

The Provider undertakes that all the personal data of the Client will be used only to fulfil the order. In addition, the Instaboost Service Provider undertakes not to disclose the Customer’s personal data to any third party. We use them for mutual business communication and information sharing, in the future for realization of possible business, also for complex customer administration and also for marketing purposes. This data is stored in a database with strict security against misuse.

Upon request, we will notify you immediately and in writing whether and what personal data we have about you. If, despite our efforts to correct the data and timeliness, incorrect information is recorded, we will correct it upon request. If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, you can direct them to us and contact us.

10. Acquisition and processing of personal data

When you visit our website, our websites will record in a standard way the IP address assigned to you by your ISP, the website from which you visit us, the website you visit with us, as well as the date and duration of the visit.

Personal information will only be recorded if you provide it to us at will, for example, by signing up via the web form or filling out an order. The transfer of personal data to state institutions and authorities follows only within the binding legal regulations. Our associates, agencies and marketers are bound by confidentiality.

By registering on our site and filling in the data in the web form, you give us your consent under Act no. 122/2013 Coll. And allow us to send you business notices, from which you can at any time, according to the legal conditions, to unsubscribe and your consent so withdraw.

By completing a possible sales form, the customer agrees to include his / her personal data in the database of the operator, as the administrator, and their subsequent processing for marketing purposes and receiving business notices by electronic means pursuant to Act no. 122/2013 Coll., For the period until the withdrawal of consent. At the same time, the customer agrees that the operator will send him information about upcoming events and the offer of his business partners.

11. Opt-out

We want to use your information to inform you about our services and to find out what you think. Participation in such events is, of course, voluntary. If you do not agree with them, you can notify us at any time, and we will remedy it. In case of email communication, you can unsubscribe at any time using the opt-out link provided in the footer of each email


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